Instant identifiers

In order to facilitate the identification of the Hall thalers of Archduke Ferdinand II, instant identifiers are provided, from which the primary identifier (corresponding to the armour-type) can be easily determined. The identifiers correspond to the two face-types and are listed in the entries Instant identifier for younger face and Instant identifier for elder face, respectively.

Selecting from the instant identifier tables the armour-type that corresponds to the armour of the thaler to be identified, the respective primary identifier number (ID) is found below the figure of the armour, and the identification may be continued in the entry with the same number in Chapter IV of the catalogue. For the sake of unanimity, the armour types are sorted into main groups denoted by upper case letters. Subtypes within the main types are denoted by numbers; and variations within the subtypes by lower case letters. The rarity (Ra) of the given armour type is also given below the figure. These rarity values are calculated as described in the entry Rarity of versions based on the number of thalers with the given armour types (irrespective of their circumscriptions).

The number of versions appearing in the catalogue is also given for each armour type after the abbreviation "# of Ver".