Cross references with Davenport

Davenport lists the Archduke Ferdinand II thalers (c.f. [1] in the entry Home / Earlier listings) in a highly generalized manner. 12 thalers are identified through definitions, each allowing several variants and versions. Four pictures of the possible variants are displayed along with the definitions. ID values of the identification in the catalogue are listed in the table below that are in line with the respective definitions by Davenport. Opposite listing, i.e. the Davenport identifiers corresponding to the present IDs are given in the catalogue along with the individual versions. Versions shown in pictures by Davenport are marked by *.

Davenport [1] ID by Lux
8094 12.l, 12.m, 16.a, 16.c, 16.d, 16.e, 16.i, 16.k*, 16.l, 16.m, 16.n, 18.a, 18.b
8095 15.a, 19.a, 19.g*, 20.b, 20.c, 20.i, 20.l, 20.r
8097 2.a through 2.r, 3.a, 3.b, 3.c, 3.d, 3.j, 3.k, 3.l (more broadly: all 2 and 3)
8097A 1.a, 1.b, 1.c
8099 25.a, 29.a, 43.a, 44.a, 45.a, 50.a, 51.b, 52.a, 54.a, 57.a, 57.b, 57.c
8099A 53.a
8099B 42.a
8099C 24.a, 26.a, 47.a, 58.a
8099D 59.a
8100 28.a, 33.a, 33.b, 34.a, 35.a, 36.a, 40.a
8101 37.a, 38.a*, 38.b, 39.a, 41.a, 41.b, 41.c, 41.d, 61.a, 61.b
8102 25.b, 27.a