The author of the catalogue is deeply indebted to many persons who assisted in completing this monograph. Special thanks are due to Dr. Melinda Torbágyi, numismatist, art curator, Head of Department and to Dr. Csaba Tóth, numismatist, art curator (both with the Coin Repository of the Hungarian National Museum) who rendered it possible to the author conducting researches and collecting data in the Archduke Ferdinand thaler collection of the Museum. The author is deeply grateful to Mr. Hans Dieter Rauch and to Ms. Eleonore Reichl (Auctionshaus H.D. Rauch) for making the relevant auction photographs available and for their assistance in the publication of this catalogue; and to Mr. Martin Holtzknecht, Vice-president of the Tiroler Numismatische Gesellschaft for his contribution by providing the basic literature in the field and for assisting in further discussions.

Thanks are due to Mr. Simon Wieland (acsearch AG) for his consent to using pictures of coins downloaded by Owners of the photos - acknowledged at their appearance - are sincerely thanked for their agreeing to the publication of the pictures. I heartily thank my friends Dr. Vilmos Friedrich and Dr. Jenő Csongrádi for proofreading the manuscript and providing useful suggestions on improvements.

This work could not have been completed without the enthusiastic encouragement, brilliant ideas and effective assistance from my wife, Ágnes.

The present webpage on the catalogue was prepared by my daughter Andrea Lux. I am deeply grateful for and proud of her excellent work.